About The Firm

The company DuPlan was founded in 2004 as a trade-service company for supporting the activity of several engineer-designers. Almost immediately it was transformed to a design organization.
We are specialized in static analyses and design of bearing constructions of buildings, in particular:

  • working out of project documentation for supporting structures of buildings
  • technical counselling for structural statics and dynamics
  • statical and dynamical calculations of bearing constructions, examinations of bearing constructions in aspect of mechanical resistance and stability
  • working out technical expertises and assessments
  • providing author supervision during realization of structures

The necessary expert knowlidge is guaranteed by our key certicated collaborators, members of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers. We work up the project documentation including necessary calculations in arbitrary extent - from a study to a realization project, from a single-family house to a difficult complex.We will solve concrete, brick, steel, wooden or combined structures for new buildings, reconstructions, rebuildings or superstructures.